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About Us

About Us

Central Florida Kayak Fishing Expertise with JP Kayak Fishing & Tours

Embark on a journey with JP Kayak Fishing and Tours, where the excitement of kayak fishing comes to life. As a seasoned fisherman with over a decade of experience on Central Florida's east coast, I am passionate about sharing the thrill of the catch from the unique perspective of a kayak.

Meet Your Expert Kayak Fishing Guide

Your guide at JP Kayak Fishing and Tours is not just an enthusiast but an expert in kayak fishing. Specializing in artificial lure fishing, I provide comprehensive instruction on effective techniques, as well as guidance on live or cut bait fishing. Each trip is customized to your fishing style and preferences, ensuring an experience that's as unique as the fish you're aiming to catch.

  • Personalized Fishing Adventures: Catering to anglers of all skill levels, I ensure an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.
  • Top-Quality Equipment: Fish with confidence using our stable Perception kayaks, complete with cushioned seats and side-mounted trolling motors.
  • Comprehensive Instruction: I'm here to help you learn the ropes if you're new or to share advanced tips if you're looking to improve your skills.

Fishing is an adventure that goes beyond the day's catch. It's about connecting with nature, enjoying the serenity of the waterways, and mastering the art of fishing. While I advocate for catch-and-release to preserve our marine life, I respect your decision to keep your catch, with the understanding that you'll need to provide your own storage and cleaning supplies.

Safety and satisfaction are paramount at JP Kayak Fishing and Tours. I'm committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and exhilarating experience for all my guests. Whether you're in search of tranquility or the thrill of the chase, I'm here to facilitate an unforgettable day on the water.

Interested in setting out on a fishing adventure that you'll talk about for years to come? Get in touch with us to schedule your tour, or reach out at 321-345-8388 for further details. Let's make some lasting memories on the water!